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Zebra ZC300 Double Sided Card Printer - ZC32 (4794086588516)
Zebra ZC300 Double Sided Card Printer - ZC32 (4794086588516)

    Zebra ZC300 Double Sided Card Printer - ZC32

    Zebra ZC300 Card Printer Description
    • Whether your card printing application includes photo ID, access control, time and attendance tracking, or gift/loyalty cards, the Zebra ZC300 ID card printer will get it accomplished faster, easier, and more efficiently. Its convenient plug-and-play set up puts your card program in motion right away – seamlessly – and with exceptional capabilities. As the replacement to the ZXP Series 3 printer, the ZC300 was engineered with a “fit anywhere” design so it’s the optimal choice for creating professional-grade credentials in even the smallest office space. With an intuitive operation, the easy-to-read LED display provides an instant status on all your printing jobs. In addition, this Zebra direct-to-card printer offers auto-adjusting card thickness recognition along with new 100-card input and output card hoppers to decrease the number of times the hoppers will need to refilled or emptied.

    Product Features

    • Reliable performance
      The Zebra ZC300 prints up to 200 brilliant, full-color or 900 crisp and detailed monochrome single-sided cards an hour at 300 dpi resolution. It also features a built-in manual card feeder guide to effortlessly process single cards or multi-card batch printing. There’s even a printer cover lock for added security that will deter the theft of card stock and rejected printed cards in public or shared work areas.
    • Simple, streamlined printer operation
      The ZC300 printer was engineered with a full-feature LED/LCD display and provides easy-to-understand text-based messages, intuitive icons, and animations. You can fix a printer jam, fix a printer ribbon, load a ribbon, stock the input hopper, and more. The ZC300 is effortless to integrate, use, and manage all your ID card printing needs. Ribbon changing doesn’t get any easier either, and the progressive input and output hopper design makes loading and unloading cards hassle-free.
    • Advanced, space-considerate design
      With its sophisticated structural technology, the Zebra ZC300 printer is one of the industry’s thinnest and most compact ID card printers. It offers the lowest clearance of similar printers in its class and fitting almost space in your office and even in small, customer-facing areas within your organization. 
    • Intuitive tools
      Stop wasting your time printing test cards! The power-packed Zebra ZC300 print driver is the solution. Simplify your ID card production process with improved settings that provide quick and easy printer interface navigation. Best of all, you can see what your cards look like before being printed and how modifying the settings changes the design of your cards.
    • Standard USB & Ethernet connectivity
      Manage your on-site or remote printing program on one or multiple computers through a standard network with the built-in USB and Ethernet connectivity.
    • Intelligent enhancements
      With newly designed 100-card input and output hoppers, the Zebra ZC300 printer transforms the loading and unloading of your cards. With the saloon-style output doors, you’re able to remove a single card or an entire stack of cards. Now you don’t need to worry about refilling the empty hoppers as often, because both hoppers offer the same card capacity.
    • Hassle-free maintenance
      Engineered with ease in mind, the Zebra ZC300 enables users to replace color or monochrome ribbon in a quick, single motion using this printer’s unique door handle. With embedded smart chips, you’ll never have to worry whether your printer ribbon is installed properly or when you need to change your ribbon.
    • Progressive security
      The Zebra ZC300 ID card printer’s sophisticated security prevents unauthorized card printing with printer-to-host authentication. This single-sided printer is equipped government-level data encryption to safeguard your organization’s sensitive information during the printing process.
    • Optional encoding Whether your organization prints employee photo ID badges, access control cards, membership cards, gift/loyalty cards, or debit/credit transactional cards, you can choose the encoding option of your choice with this Zebra printer. Add a “swipe-and-go” high coercivity or low coercivity magnetic stripe when cards are printed. You can also use the ZIP Pocket with our Add a Zebra Software Development Kits (SDKs) which will seamlessly integrate a third-party contactless encoder to create “pass through” contactless cards.
    • Plas-Tech Resources, Inc. is an authorized Zebra reseller specializing in ID card printing products. We guarantee that our Zebra ZC32-0M0C0G0US00 ZC300, Dual Sided, US Cord, USB & Ethernet, ISO HiCo/LoCo Mag S/W Selectable, Windows Driver are genuine Zebra Printers, are properly stored, and are always 'fresh' working.  We have been in business for over 30 years and are always looking to building a business relationship with our customers. 


    • Part Number:  ZC32-000C000EM00
    • Brand:  Zebra
    • Model:  ZC300
    • Print method:  Dual sided
    • Resolution: 300dpi
    • Interface:  USB & ETHERNET
    • Magnetic stripe encoding:  NO