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Wahl Easy Cut - Easy To Use Haircutting Kit (4854680682596)
Wahl Easy Cut - Easy To Use Haircutting Kit (4854680682596)

    Wahl Easy Cut - Easy To Use Haircutting Kit

    • Brand: Wahl
    • Barcode:

    The WAHL Easy Cut Home Hair Cutting Kit is the perfect clipper kit for your home haircutting needs. The kit has everything you need to achieve your favourite haircut at home.

    Create an expert hair salon in the comfort of your home with these clippers from Wahl. Designed for cutting, trimming, and shaving both adult's and children's hair, these clippers give a professional-looking hair cut. They are mains powered, so you will just need to position your barber's chair near to a wall socket and then select the attachment (for example, precision trimmer) that you want to use.


    • Precision ground blades for smooth cutting
    • Adjustable taper lever for multiple cutting lengths – 3mm to 25mm range of haircuts
    • It’s available 12 pcs Accessories
    • The soft-touch grip and ergonomic design means the clipper is comfortable in the hand and easy to control while cutting.
    • Easy Cut hair cutting kit, Cutting length 0.5mm ,Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades ,Adjustable Taper Level for multiple cutting lengths, 12 piece kit.


    • Single-cut clipper
    • Ergonomic shape to make it easy to hold any way you like.
    • Self-sharpening steel blades stay sharp longer.
    • Durable powerful motor; yet light for ease use.
    • Blade guard
    • Styling comb
    • Scissors
    • Cleaning brush
    • Blade oil
    • Instructions and styling guide Guide
    • Combs: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm
    • Left ear taper Right ear taper