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UGreen Cat6 RJ45 Unshielded Network Crystal Heads - 60558 (4822462070884)

    UGreen Cat6 RJ45 Unshielded Network Crystal Heads - 60558

    • CREATE YOUR OWN PATCH CABLES - Why spend on ethernet cables when you can make your own? With these crimp connectors, you can repair damaged cables without shelling out money for replacements.
    • USE FOR SOLID OR STRANDED WIRES - Insert solid or stranded wires through these RJ5 connectors. These ethernet plugs are designed to seat cable jackets tightly for frustration-free crimping.
    • LASTS A LONG TIME - Tired of using conventional ethernet plugs that snap, crack, or break easily? These RJ45 connectors are housed in a sturdy plastic housing that will ensure many years of use.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST CRIMPING TOOLS - Create ethernet cables in custom lengths without spending a fortune. These RJ45 connectors will work with a variety of pass-through crimper tools.
    • SAVE TIME & EFFORT - Featuring a clear and transparent housing, these ethernet plugs allow you to easily verify if the wires passing through are in the correct order before crimping.