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UGreen 3.5mm Male to Female Extension Braid 1M - 40673 (4825283395684)

    UGreen 3.5mm Male to Female Extension Braid 1M - 40673


    Ugreen 40673 Premium 3-Way high-end 1M 3.5mm Audio Cable

    • The Ugreen 40673 1M 3.5mm audio extension  cable is the ideal cable to extend your  3.5mm AUX audio connection  using audio players such as speakers, headphones ... with great sound quality. No loss due to the cable is manufactured using premium materials including 100% pure copper core, high quality umbrella cover, 24k gold plated jacks provide stable signal transmission and fastest.


    • Extend your 3.5MM aux port
    • Compared to 3poles,this cable has 4poles,it can support Mic.
    • Protect your aux port,voide aux port damaging
    • Support any devices with 3.5mm jack
    • Gold plated connectors ensure optimum sound quality
    • Slim metal case connector,plug it conveniently

    Ugreen 40673 Specifications:

    • Brand: Ugreen
    • Model: 40673
    • Category: Extension Cables
    • Features: Extends 3.5mm audio signal cable (3 steps - supports mic and headset) 
    • Cable length: 1M
    • Input: AUX 3.5mm (male)
    • Output: AUX 3.5mm (Female)
    • Material: Copper core, gold-plated jack, alloy head, high-quality umbrella cover
    • Color: Blue