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Sollatek Voltage Stabiliser SVS 20AMPS (4625648189540)

    Sollatek Voltage Stabiliser SVS 20AMPS

    GH₵5,720 GH₵5,775
    • Stablisation up to 20A
    • Direct wire connection
    • High voltage stablisation
    • Low voltage stablisation
    • Spikes/surges protection
    • Power-back surges protection
    • Basic Lighting protection
    • AVS function
    • Startup time delay
    • +/- 6% stablisation
    • Solid state

    The Sollatek SVS monitors the mains voltage continuously. If the voltage rises or drops, the SVS will stabilise the output to ensure the voltage reaching your equipment remains constant at 230V (+/-6%), within the operating range of the unit. If the input voltage falls below 142V or rises above 295V, the SVS will disconnect the output, thereby protecting the load. Once the mains voltage returns again within acceptable limits, the SVS will reconnect the output following a start up delay. The SVS20 is a small light weight stabliser rated up to 20Amps with a cable or terminal input/output, for direct wiring and secure connectivity.