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Sandisk Cruzer Glide 2.0/3.0 Flashdrive 64GB (4627324502116)

    Sandisk Cruzer Glide 2.0/3.0 Flashdrive 64GB


    Get up to 256GB* of reliable and secure storage for photos, videos, music and other files. The included SanDisk Secure Access software provides password protection and 128-bit file encryption to keep private files secure while leaving the rest of the drive available for sharing. Enjoy peace of mind with SanDisk® USB flash drives.

    The Cruzer Glide USB flash drive offers an easy and secure way to share, move, and back up your most important files. Featuring a compact design with a retractable USB connector, this flash drive is ideal for data users who need easy, portable access to their media and personal files.


    • Professional, reliable and portable design
    • An efficient way to share, store and protect your music, photos, videos and work files
    • Easy to use
    • SanDisk SecureAccess software protects private files with a personal password and automatic  128-bit AES encryption
    • Simply drag and drop files into a private folder or "vault" and they're safe

    Other Information:

    The Cruder Glide USB flash Drive has a sleek, streamlined, compact design with a retracting connector and packs enough capacity to carry all your favorite media with you, from HD video to photo albums to music libraries to large documents. With drag and drop file loading, it's easy to start storing, transporting and sharing data immediately. The Cruder Fit USB flash drive comes with SanDisk Secure Access, which creates a password-protected private folder on your flash drive. With your private files protected with 128-bit AES encryption, you'll be able to share your USB drive without compromising your privacy. Durable and temperature proof, the Cruder Glide USB Flash Drive can function in a variety of climates. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -13ºF (-25ºC) hours or 185ºF (85ºC), which means you'll be able to transfer files no matter where you are.

    Technical Details: