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Rock Universal Bike Phone Mount RPH0949 (4839473250404)
Rock Universal Bike Phone Mount RPH0949 (4839473250404)

    Rock Universal Bike Phone Mount RPH0949

    • Brand: Rock
    • Barcode:

    Rock Universal Bike Phone Mount RPH0949

    Using a mobile phone while cycling or riding a motorcycle is almost impossible, but due to the need these days, it is sometimes necessary to check notifications, answer calls, navigate, listen to music while cycling. Ride or motorcycle, use a mobile phone.

    One of the solutions to the problem of using mobile phones while cycling is the use of mobile holder for bicycles and rock model RPH0949, which is suitable for most mobile phones on the market. Users can use this holder to use their phone without worrying about being damaged.

    Mobile phone holders for bicycles and motorcycles face more challenges than mobile phone holders for cars, so they need to be stronger and more reliable. The Mobile Rock Holder is very sturdy and stable, and is perfectly suited for motorcycles and bicycles and is completely safe for high speeds, as well as providing reassurance in speed bumps, potholes and sharp turns of the road.

    Tight clamp and adjustable angle

    The holder part of the mobile rock holder has a gear-like shape that makes it firmly attached to the steering tube of the bicycle and motorcycle. The knee part attached to the clamp can be rotated and can be placed in two positions: horizontal, vertical or desired angle.

    Stable and non-slip

    Inside the holders of the mobile phone, there are soft tires that prevent the phone from slipping and because it is soft, it does not damage your phone.

    The clamp on the steering tube also has a creative design that is very sturdy and compatible with all bikes and motorcycles.

    Compatible with different types of phone sizes

    The holder opening of the mobile holder can be changed from 3.9 cm to 6.9 cm, so it is compatible with most phones on the market

    • Brand Name: ROCK
    • Product: Universal Bike phone Mount
    • Material: Plastic, Metal
    • Application: Most bikes, motorcycles, electric vehicles
    • Compatible Device: Phone
    • Width: 48mm-94mm
    • Color: Black
    • Feature: Sturdy & Durable
    • HOW TO USE:
    • Press lightly to open the left and right clamp arms.
    • Stretch the cork base.
    • Put into the phone.
    • Press on the both sides to lock.

    Basic Specifications of ROCK Black Universal Bike Phone Mount for bicycles and motorcycles

    Brand : Rock
    Model : RPH0949
    Gender: Aluminum alloy + ABS
    Suitable for : Motorcycles and bicycles
    compatible with : Phones with a width of 48 to 94 mm
    Dimensions: 107.0 * 68.0 * 107.0 mm