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PS5 Game TearDown

    PS5 Game TearDown

    • Brand: Sony
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    For those unfamiliar with Teardown, it’s a voxel-based heist game where you literally tear down walls and obstacles in the environment to create shortcuts and complete objectives. We have spent years building and perfecting our custom voxel engine, which allows us to support typically complex things like raytracing and physics-based destruction. With our custom engine comes extensive input data for the DualSense wireless controller, enabling unique haptics throughout the game. For instance, smashing your sledgehammer into glass, wood, concrete or metal will all feel distinctly different.

    Teardown starts with a 40-mission main campaign, split into two parts, where you play as the owner of Löckelle Teardown Services. Things haven’t been going too well for your business, so you have started to accept work from some people that may be best described as “shady.” Before you know it, you’ll find yourself demolishing buildings, stealing safes, and committing insurance fraud.

    As your business ventures escalate, you’ll unlock a vast arsenal of tools to help plan around, react to, and destroy whatever you experience in each level. Some of these tools are great for destruction – from your basic Sledgehammer, which helps you knock down simple walls and doors, to a set of firearms, which break through tougher materials in cases requiring more precision demolition, all the way to a suite of explosives, which enable you to level entire buildings.