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Promate Unicharger 85W (4618734469220)
Promate Unicharger 85W (4618734469220)

    Promate Unicharger 85W


    Charge and power your laptop or any other device from a standard wall outlet with the this Universal Laptop Charger. This universal laptop power supply is engineered with 85W of power to deliver a strong charge to any compatible laptop.

    The dual USB ports let you charge any USB chargeable device with ease. The Qualcomm Quick Charge port lets you charge your USB devices up to 3X faster than normal chargers.

    UniCharger-85W gives you surge protection, over-current protection, voltage protection and over-temperature protection to keep your laptop or USB chargeable device operating and charging at the correct voltage. Universally designed to charge and power a variety of laptop computers.