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Promate Transmitter FM13 (4617183789156)
Promate Transmitter FM13 (4617183789156)

    Promate Transmitter FM13

    FM13 is a unique multifunctional car FM transmitter that could be used with a wide range of smartphones. Its functionality combines a few options at the same time. FM13 is mobile holder, that could be adjusted vertically to hold smartphones. Additionally, it has an audio cable that connects to the 3.5 mm port of any smartphone and together with its in-built mic provides you with a hands-free function. Another useful usage is as a transmitter which converts the audio output into an FM radio signal that plays any music and phone calls. The USB charging port and on/off button allow you to charge any USB chargeable mobile device inside the car. FM13 is a multifunctional product which simplifies and meanwhile enhances the usage of smartphones in your vehicle.