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Promate Mycharge-6 (4617741041764)
Promate Mycharge-6 (4617741041764)

    Promate Mycharge-6

    This desktop USB charging station is a perfect solution for charging multiple devices at home or in the office. It provides 7A/35W output and 6 USB charging sockets that allow you to store and quickly charge 4 devices simultaneously.
    Smart USB Charging Station:
    5V/7A 6 USB ports allow you charge 6 devices simultaneously, built-in Smart IC module can detect the device automatically to deliver the fastest charging speed Compatible with all 5V devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, other smartphones, tablet, camera, Kindle, PSP etc.
    7A High Power, Fast Charge Output for Your Tablet and Smartphone:
    The Promate MyCharge-6 USB Charging Station features fast charge technology, with a 7A high charging current output making it ideal for charging tablets and smartphones. The Fast Charge Universal Charging Station has a built-in protection circuit that prevents your devices from excessive charging, keeping them safe and fully charged.
    Charge 6 Devices Simultaneously with Just One Mains Socket:
    Charge all your devices in one place without having to wait your turn to use the outlet. Designed with convenience, you now have 6 ports in one place. With 6 USB charging ports, the Promate Mycharge-6 Universal Charging Station can charge six devices simultaneously. All of this is powered by one mains power socket in your home or office. Charge all your smartphones, tablets, and more in one easy-to-access place.
    Built-in surge protection to protect against overcharging, surges and overheating, ensuring the delivery of steady power output to each device. MyCharge-6 is compatible with international input voltage range of AC 100-240V.