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Promate MagLink-C (4617598959716)
Promate MagLink-C (4617598959716)

    Promate MagLink-C


    Dive-in to the new technology with MagLink-C. Experience the most evolved connectivity platform with MagLink-C by charging your device at lightning speed with this class apart magnetic cable. MagLink-C can supply a high power of up to 86 Watts in both directions.

    The standard configuradion of the MagLink-C makes it easy to use on a daily basis without having to worry about compatibility or usability problems down the line.

    MagLink-C offers both sync and charge functionality for all your devices, and it boasts Power Delivery 3.0 for maximum efficiency.

    MagLink-C uses a right-angled cable design that makes it safe from breakage and helps with cable management at the same time.

    The built-in magnetic latch sets the MagLink-C apart from its competitors by offering a quick and easy way to detach it from USB ports that's also safe and convenient. 

    You can rest assured that using the MagLink-C truly is safe and reliable because of its smart assembly and built-in over-current protection feature.