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Promate Ivory  Earphone (4617360703588)
Promate Ivory  Earphone (4617360703588)

    Promate Ivory Earphone


    Dual Dynamic Drivers Earphone

    • This Promate Earphone takes advantage of all the innovations The Promate Wired Earphone is so comfortable that they can be worn for hours and hours - you may even forget that you are wearing them. It’s silicone, and comfort-foam ear tips enhance the performance in-ear earphones by ensuring superior noise isolation, and a superb fit.
    • These high definition stereo headphones provide the excellent sound input& output quality that produce incredible natural high-fidelity sound. Earbuds with the dual driver to ensure high definition sound quality.
    Secure And Comfortable Fit With Interchangeable Ear Pieces
    • The Promate Onyx Earphones are designed to be as secure in your ears and as comfortable as possible. This has been achieved with interchangeable ear pieces, making it possible for all users to find a comfortable fit.
    • An audio performance revolution, Ivory is engineered to deliver crystal clear sound, very few other earphones can match. Acoustically balanced 8mm dynamic drivers produce a high-quality surround sound experience. Just put them on, what you hear is a detailed and authentic sound, articulate mids and sparkling highs, everything else is so placid and soothing that every note sounds clearly significant. Lightweight, comfortable and features rich construction for an unruffled and undisturbed musical extravaganza.
    • The dual 8mm drivers combine to enhance the sound frequency and produce life like quality sound
    • The drivers are tuned to produce great sound and high frequency output
    • Combined with the lab-tested sweat- and water-resistant design, this allows you to forget about your earphones and concentrate on your workout.
    • The way that the Ivory fits snugly into your ears will help filter out external noise so you can listen to your favorite songs in peace.
    • Active be used for hands-free phone calls, making it possible to effortlessly chat with a friend while putting time in on the treadmill. Simply plug the headphones into your cell phone, and you're all set to converse--hands free.


    • Dual Speaker Earphone
    • Premium Noise Cancelling 
    • HiFi Super Bass 
    • In-Ear Dual Driver Earbuds 
    • Built-In Microphone
    • HD Sound 
    • Tangle Free