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Projector Screen Manual 1.5M (4788074938468)

    Projector Screen Manual 1.5M

    • Brand: RW
    • Barcode:
    • This manual projection screens are made with the highest quality materials.
    • Built into an aluminium casing with Universal sliding brackets for wall or ceiling mounting.
    • The built-in speed control mechanism to slow screen retraction avoids sudden retraction that can damage the screen and reduce the life.
    •  This projection screen will create a clear and bright image without creases or curling on the side.
    • Manual Pull-Down system allows the screen to be pulled down and have a smooth retraction after releasing. Pull down the handle and stopping at the desired point for 2 seconds will allow the screen to retract slightly and self-lock. Pulling down the handle again will unlock the screen and start the retraction.