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Projector Screen Electric 2.4M (4772089364580)

    Projector Screen Electric 2.4M

    • Brand: RW
    • Barcode:

    Are your weekends filled with movie marathons and endless shrieking because of your companion is about to hack somebody? Well, if movies are your thing, this Electric Projector Screen Wall Ceiling Mounted 2.4m would feel right at home.

    What You're Getting:

    • Can be installed on the ceiling or the wall (yes, ceiling!)
    • 2.4m screen format with a 1.3 gain screen
    • Comes with a matte white surface that helps diffuse the light
    • 4 sided black border to great focus and contrast
    • Power cord integration with built in switch
    • Remote control system
    • Super quiet, hush-hush motor
    • Lightweight steel white case
    • Heavy duty roller and spring
    • Great as a home theatre system, classrooms or conference rooms
    • Batteries for the remote are not included
    • Color white