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Projector Screen Electric 1.8M (4772041588836)

    Projector Screen Electric 1.8M

    • Brand: RW
    • Barcode:

    Offering nothing but 1.8m of pure goodness, this Electric Projector Screen provides stunningly clear pictures you can almost touch them! Mount this on auditoriums, classrooms, conference centers or even at home and you will be blown away!

    What You're Getting:

    • Freshly sealed from the box. 
    • This lovely piece features 1.8m screen while the viewing area is pure viewing glory
    • There's a remote control option for the viewing surface
    • Keeps everything convenient thanks to the remote
    • Integrated switch along with a pre-wired power cord
    • Super silent motor
    • High contrast to give you clear images like never before
    • Matte white viewing surface to help diffuse light evenly
    • 4 sided black to give a better image effect
    • Backed screen ensures no light is going to pass through
    • Completely washable surface so it's easy to clean
    • Lightweight case with spring so it's not a hassle to set up
    • Great for computers, video presentations, and various overhead projection requirements
    • Operation: Switch or remote control