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Power Distribution Unit 6 Ports

    Power Distribution Unit 6 Ports

    • Brand: RW
    • Barcode:
    • 6 metal rack-mounted PDU power strips, 6 ft cord, 1875W 15A, 125V, 60Hz
    • The power switch with lamp, aluminum shell is highly wear-resistant to prevent circuit overload and protect the device from fire accidents, impacts and heavy objects.
    • 6 wide-pitch sockets, you don't need to worry about the plugs plugging each other, you can make full use of each socket.
    • This mountable power strip with 6 ft UL long wire provides long-distance power supply, and can fix 4 screw holes in the desired position.
    • Wall mount power strip suitable for household appliances and various electronic equipment, can be used in homes, offices, factories, and travel.