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Philips Garment Steamer STH3020

    Philips Garment Steamer STH3020


    Our handheld steamer 3000 Series is designed to be light, compact and foldable for easy usage and storage to re-assure fresh outfits anytime, anywhere. It is your ideal companion for easy and quick touch-up at home or on the go.

    Brand Philips Domestic Appliances
    Colour White
    Style Steamer
    Power / Wattage 1000 watts
    Product benefits Eliminate Odors


    • Hassle-free steaming. Save time when you are in a rush, no need to set up the ironing board.
    • The hot steam of the handheld steamer 3000 Series refreshes your delicate clothes in an instant removing odors.
    • Ready to start steaming in just 30 seconds. The light indicates when you are ready to start so you're finished in no-time. No waiting, no hassle.
    • Philips handheld 3000 series comes with a 120 ml detachable water tank to steam up to 1 outfit without the need to refill. You can easily detach the water tank of your steamer and refill it under the sink.
    • Steam plate can be safely pressed against any clothing with no risk of burning; an ideal solution for delicate fabrics like silk.