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Philips Chopper HR1393/01 (4625014325348)

    Philips Chopper HR1393/01


    This time saving tool will help you create delicious recipes with ease, and will become an invaluable accessory to you kitchen. Because it's so small, you will end up using it all the time - it takes up no space at all and is easy to clean - it's even dishwasher safe. It's ideal for chopping onions, vegetables, herbs or nuts in seconds.

    It's so simple to operate too- simply press down on the lid and the blades will spin, chopping food in seconds - chopping has never been this easy. It's durable and has a stay sharp stainless steel blade and powerful 450w motor. The chopping container is 0.7L in size, with a dry ingredient capacity of 0.5L. Please note, this chopper is designed to chop dry food, and is not a liquidizer. Do not overfill, as the lid houses the motor and is not designed to be washed.