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Philips Battery AAA Pack of 4 R03E4B (4868410179684)

    Philips Battery AAA Pack of 4 R03E4B

    Meets the brand Philips with quality here. You will receive set of 4 1.5 V R03 Zinc Carbon batteries. In this way, you're always perfectly equipped, and first until established you should always have in the house. The batteries are lead and cadmium-free and not rechargeable. So you can write a fast used batteries of watch, alarm, LED candles, toys, etc.
    • Dimensions (diameter x height): approx. 10.3 x 44.1 mm, Voltage: 1.5 V, Weight: approx. Each 10 g
    • Model: AAA R03, contents: 4 items, free of lead and cadmium
    • Cannot be recharged, pay attention to polarity
    • Not thrown in the household waste, and fire
    • Keep away from children.