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Panasonic Phone KXTG-3712 Cordless

    Panasonic Phone KXTG-3712 Cordless


    The Panasonic KXTG-3712 landline phone features two handsets so that you don’t have to run from one room to another to answer your calls. You can keep the phones on a table or mount them on a wall. Thanks to the Power Failure Talk System, you don’t have to worry about power cuts coming in the way of your conversations.

    Get the Panasonic KXTG-3712 Cordless Landline Phone that's ideal for your home or office set up as it comes with dual handsets.

    Dual Handsets

    This phone comes with dual handsets, so you can keep them in different rooms without having to run from one place to another to answer calls.

    Caller ID Support

    Featuring a caller ID memory of 50 names and numbers, this phone allows you to store the numbers of important people, making it a convenient to use.