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Panasonic Phone KXT500 (4621201932388)

    Panasonic Phone KXT500

    Panasonic KX-TS500 Single Line Corded Telephone 
    • The Panasonic KX-TS500 integrated corded phone system is a basic corded phone designed for users who dont need a lot of bells and whistles. A corded phone with single line operation, it is call waiting compatible and requires no batteries to operate.
    • Handset and ringer volume controls allow you to adjust levels to your liking and you can switch between tone and pulse dialing modes. A redial button lets you quickly dial the last outgoing number, while the flash button provides access to call waiting. This Panasonic KX-TS500 phone is wall-mountable and allows you to keep countertop space free from unnecessary clutter.
    • Ideal for budget-conscious shoppers or anyone who simply doesnt have a taste for complicated gadgetry, the Panasonic KX-TS500 is a single-line corded phone without a lot confusing extras. Features include adjustable ringer, handset volume control, last number redial, switchable tone-pulse dialing, and...well, that's pretty much it.


    Hang It on a Wall to Free Up Desk Space

    • This phone system can be hung on a wall to free up desk or counter space. This is especially helpful in kitchens or offices, where desk and counter space is at a premium.

    Redial at the Push of a Button

    • With just the push of a button you can conveniently call back the last number you dialed.

    What's in the Box:

    • KX-TS500 corded phone base, handset, coiled handset cord, phone line cord, instructions, warranty information


    • Corded Phone
    • Single Line Operation
    • Call Waiting
    • Hearing Aid Compatible
    • Wall Mountable
    • 5-Step Volume Control
    • 3-Step Ringer Volume Control
    • Tone / Pulse Dialing
    • One-Touch Redial
    • Flash
    • KX-TS500-B
    • Electronic volume control
    • Timed flash of 600ms
    • Last number redial memory
    • 3 step ringer volume (off, low, high)
    • 6 step electronic volume control, switchable tone and pulse settings
    • The box includes handset, base, battery, charger and user guide