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Panasonic Iron U400

    Panasonic Iron U400


    Elegant Heavy Duty Steam Iron

    The high-performance steam iron is easy to use. It looks not only elegant but also has a stable shape and ergonomic handle, which makes the iron glide much easier.

    Easy Grip

    The design and development leverage human engineering and ergonomic research to achieve a much more comfortable grip.

    Smooth and Stable Glide

    The design lowers the height of conventional models. The low center of gravity balances the iron for better comfort.

    Removes Wrinkles in a Wider Area in One Pass

    The soleplate 20% larger than the conventional models* allows for ironing of a wider area in a single pass. It is especially ideal for ironing long garments and large linens like bed sheets.
    • Powerful steam up to 2300 W
    • Durable and sturdy body with an ergonomic grip
    • Big soleplate with U-Shape Groove for smooth and efficient ironing
    • Powerful steam shot for thick fabric
    • Three anti-calc features for easy descaling
    • Anti-drip design to protect clothes from stains