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Panasonic Battery Evolta AA Pack of 4 (4856243388516)

    Panasonic Battery Evolta AA Pack of 4


    EVOLTA premium battery with outstanding performance The high-quality EVOLTA battery combines titanium additive and manganese oxide with perfect cleanliness to achieve extra power for power-hungry appliances. You can trust EVOLTA batteries to deliver maximum current for much longer than comparable batteries. EVOLTA batteries are supremely suitable for flashes, game controllers, drones, remote controls and other energy-intensive appliances. Contact resistance at the poles can build up on conventional batteries and this can remove the nickel layer and cause the battery to fail. To solve this problem, EVOLTA batteries have a robust three-layer coating with an iron/nickel alloy at the positive and negative poles, thus improving power flow, and contributing to a longer-lasting alkaline battery. You can be sure that Panasonic EVOLTA batteries still deliver high power even after a long storage period. High-quality materials prevent degradation, minimizes the possibility of leakage during the leakage protection thus ensuring long-term stability.


    • Ideal for high power electronic devices needed more powerful energy such as digital camera, tape/CD/VCD portable player, and etc...
    • Certified by industrial standard
    • No mercury added
    • Voltage : 1.5 V
    • Size : AA
    • Contains : 4 batteries/pack

    Suggestions and Warnings

    • Do not heat the battery or leave into the fire.
    • Do not peel off the label on the battery.
    • Do not expose the battery to water.
    • Dispose of them in toxic waste bin.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Brand: Panasonic
    • Battery Model: Evolta
    • Battery Type: Alkaline batteries
    • Battery Size: AA/LR06
    • Voltage: 1.5 Volts