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Panasonic Alkaline AAA-Size Battery - Pack of 4- LR03T/4B (4862634885220)

    Panasonic Alkaline AAA-Size Battery - Pack of 4- LR03T/4B

    Power Your Day
    • Trust Panasonic to power your day and help you and your family to get more from every moment. Four things are guaranteed when you choose Panasonic Alkaline: supreme performance, marathon endurance, excellent value and the industry’s highest levels of safety.

    Anti-Leak Protection

    • Unique gas-suppression technology Panasonic cells feature advanced anti-leak protection that suppresses gas build up when a battery is over-discharged or store for long period. Less pressure means less chance of structural failure and rupture and protects your valuable devices from damage.

    Triple Tough Coating For a Smooth Energy Flow

    • In conventional batteries, contact resistance on the terminals can build up and cause the nickel layer to peel off and the battery to fail. Triple Tough Coating solves this with an iron/nickel-plated alloy on the positive and negative terminals that improves adhesion and reduces contact resistance. The result? Enhanced energy flow and longer life.


    • Advanced Materials To Extend Its Service Life By 30% Compared To Previous Model
    • Anti-Leak Protection
    • Triple Tough Coating
    • Protects Power For Up To 10 Years
    • Voltage: 1.5V


    Model Number LR03T/4B+2
    Article Number 146302
    Colour Multicolour
    Accessory For Camera, Music & Speaker System
    Compatibility Universal
    Cable Length 3M
    Product Type Battery