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North Bayou Laptop Stand/Tray FP-2
North Bayou Laptop Stand/Tray FP-2

    North Bayou Laptop Stand/Tray FP-2

    More Organized Space: Laptop stand mount helps to make the most out of small work space. It frees up your desk for other accessories like keyboard, mouse and noteboook. The detachable clips on the arm and pole keeps your cables organized. There is another cable clip to store the needed tools. The desk stand mount is just like another small desk.

    Ergonomic Laptop Stand:This adjustable laptop mount with table tray can elevate your notebook so the screen is at the height of your eyes and external monitors.You can also make the swivel laptop stand to the position where your neck, shoulder and body feel comfortable. Our laptop mounts improve both your work efficiency and cervical spine health.
    • Compatible Type: Laptop
    • Lifting table: manual lifting
    • Category: Stand Number of bracket screens: single screen
    • Product gross weight: 1.36kg Parameter: Laptop
    • Dimension : 10" - 17" Self weight : 1.15kg