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Network Cabinet 4U 540x400x260 (4846456995940)

    Network Cabinet 4U 540x400x260

    • Brand: RW
    • Barcode:
    Network Cabinet 10 " wall cabinet with external size in mm 540 (width) x 400 (bottom) x 260 (height) The interior frames are configurable in depth. front to the bottom of the cabinet (useful bottom) could reach up to 238 mm, advancing the front frame to the maximum.


    • Complete structure and with 10 "front rack guides, adjustable in depth to adapt to any need.
    • Door with safety glass that gives it a more attractive design and lock with key. Opening the door 180 degrees.
    • Holes for the passage of cables, in the upper and lower panel. These holes for the passage of cables, can be left open or closed with a metal plate.
    • Holes in the back plate for fixing the cabinet to the wall.
    • Bottom of the wardrobe of 280 mm.
    • Side panels with removable system without screws, for convenient lateral access to the wiring and the accessories housed. Optionally, a lock can be installed on the side panels, to avoid unwanted access.
    • They are delivered to the customer fully assembled and packed, ready to be installed. Manufactured in SPCC steel painted white.
    • They comply with the most stringent standards and standards ANSI / EIARS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491 (part 1, Part 7) and DIN41494.

    NOTE: This picture is only for reference. Actual product might be different from the picture.