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NB North Bayou NBC2-T Tilting Wall Mount (4625336336484)
NB North Bayou NBC2-T Tilting Wall Mount (4625336336484)

    NB North Bayou NBC2-T Tilting Wall Mount

    Model: NBC2-T Fits: Most 32"-47" flat panel LED/LCD TVs. With a sleek, high-quality powder coated finish, this unit allows for quick installation of an LCD, LED display onto the wall plate. The screen can also be adjusted within the wall plate freely to find an optimal horizontal viewing angle. This low profile design holds a flat panel TV close to the wall, only protruding by 35mm(1.4â€). Easy and quick installation and relocation make it convenient to move your TV to a different position, saving significantly on time. A unique auto-lock and unlock design allows a single person to install and disassemble their TV very easily. Simply hold the adaptors and hook onto the wall plate until it clicks on. Adaptors will engage and lock the screen onto the wall plate automatically. To remove your TV, simply pull the adaptor straps downward to disengage clips and hold it up. Fitted with this patented tilt system, screens can be easily adjusted so that just a gentle touch can change the viewing angle without any tools.