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Logitech Webcam Brio Stream 4K (4845491683428)
Logitech Webcam Brio Stream 4K (4845491683428)

    Logitech Webcam Brio Stream 4K

    GH₵3,630 GH₵3,660

    The Logitech Brio Stream Edition Gaming Webcam delivers maximum impact to your audience, whether you're streaming on Twitch, recording for YouTube or video calling on Skype. The Ultra HD 4K webcam captures the smallest details of your facial features and expressions. It delivers a fluid stream, with a hyper-fast 1080p/60 frames-per-second video. It can create engaging slow-mo replay footage, thanks to the high frame rate. Logitech has integrated their Rightlight 3 with HDR technology, so no matter what your lighting situation is, your audience will see you clearly. Users can adjust the field-of-view on this gaming webcam, with wide-ranging angles from broader 90-degrees to narrow 65 or78-degrees always keeping you in focus. The webcam also comes with a handy removable clip so you can place it in your preferred position. It has three AI background modes to choose from, neutralizing cluttered backgrounds and giving viewers a professional, clean-cut image. It also comes integrated with facial recognition, so you can instantly sign into platforms like Windows Hello with a single glance. This incredibly powerful streaming gaming webcam comes with a 12-month premium XSplit licence, for those looking for a 4K streaming solution for their setup. 


    • Designed for Vlogging : Achieve maximum impact when streaming live through this 4K webcam on Twitch or YouTube, capturing your facial features in great detail and clarity - adaptable to extreme lighting conditions
    • Optimized for Streaming : All set for streaming, BRIO STREAM retains a high frame rate whatever the lighting to match your gaming broadcast with no lag; It’s wide, Adjustable Field of View covers all the action with a focus on you
    • Hyper-Fast Frame Rate : This pro gaming webcam is able to stream 1080p/60fps video over wifi that is fluid and life-like; It creates thrilling and unusual slow-motion replays thanks to the hyper fast frame rate
    • Seamless Compatibility : Instantly broadcast using your favorite app using this video calling device, with a default configuration that's optimized for live streaming on PC, Mac or Xbox via USB connection
    • Always Be Seen : Logitech's RightLight 3 with HDR technology means you look your best in any illumination, this 4K webcam addresses bright light, low light and high contrast which can result in poor video quality
    • Powered By Capture : Start creating high quality video content the second you plug in your new gaming webcam using the Logitech Capture App; This enables you to customize recording, adjust camera settings and even stream to YouTube in one intuitive interface

    Logitech BRIO 4K Streaming Webcam
    Hi Twitch all guns a-blazing.

    Achieve maximum impact when streaming on Twitch or YouTube with the ultra HD 4K capturing your facial features and expressions in great detail and clarity. Impact through smooth, hyper-fast 1080p/60fps video. And impact as HDR shows you in more vivid and accurate colours, even in bad lighting conditions.


    • Ultra HD 4K captures
    • 1080p/60fps
    • Optimized for streaming
    • HDR
    • Customizable 65°-78°-90° field of view

    What you need:

    • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 or above 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 or better (CPU/AVX and GPU/OpenCL support)
    • Mac OS 10.12 and above
    • USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 limited to 1080p/30fps)
    • Windows Hello only supported on Windows 10 or above.

    Box Contains:

    • Ultra-high-definition webcam for streaming
    • 1.5m (5-ft) USB cable
    • Privacy shutter
    • Removable clip
    • Carrying pouch
    • User documentation