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LCD Screen Digital Cameras Cleaning Set WS-L3 (4800841351268)

    LCD Screen Digital Cameras Cleaning Set WS-L3

    • Laptop cleaning agent liquid keyboard cleaning tool camera LCD TV screen camera cleaning agent solution cleaning set 
    • High purity distilled water, surfactant, antistatic agent, effectively clean your device for a new fresh look.
    • The cleaner can remove the dirts effectively, no wash marking, no causticity with high-density cleaning cloth and stretchable head brush for more convenient cleaning.
    • This kit can be used in digital products, such as LCD, TV screen, digital camera's lens, computer's monitor screen, the keyboard and daily cleaning of smooth surfaces products.


      Wipe out LCD screen with a cleaning cloth gently to clean the surface dust In case of hard dirt, spray some special cleaning agent distilled water on screen cleaning cloth,then directly wipe out the dirt,do not be completely wet,but wash the screen after used Keep the cleaning cloth clean and dry for the next time.


      Package included:

      1 x Bottle of Cleaning Distilled Water (80ml)

      1 x Cleaning Cloth

      1 x Brush