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Green Click Stick 2 Selfie Stick

    Green Click Stick 2 Selfie Stick


    With the Green Lion Click Stick 2 Selfie Stick, a multipurpose tool that improves your photography, you can simply capture the ideal moment. Whether you're taking an instant selfie or a group photo, it gives the best reach with an adjustable shrink length of 19.8-110cm. Its flexible bracket width goes from 65 to 90mm for a secure fit, and it is made to fit a variety of mobile phones with screen sizes between 4.7 and 7 inches. The strong ABS and stainless steel used in the selfie stick's design ensure its durability and lifespan. Its unique quadruped support and varied bracket, which offer increased stability and a variety of shooting angles for all your picture and video needs, are what make it stand out. Enhance your photo-taking experience with the Click Stick 2—your go-to solution for capturing life's memorable moments


    • Material: Stainless Steel + ABS
    • 19.8-110cm Shrink Length
    • 65-90mm Mobile Phone
    • Phone Size 4.7-7 Inches
    • Quadruped Support
    • Diversified Bracket