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Geepas Portable Juicer GSB44073

    Geepas Portable Juicer GSB44073

    1. PORTABLE AND SMALLER - Used for making smoothies, protein shakes, fruit juice and baby food. Only need 40 seconds to make a cup of juice, exactly a time saver in the morning, providing sufficient vitamin C. Perfect for office, gym and camping. The low working sound won't even awake a sleeping baby.

    2. UNIQUE SAFETY LOCK - Compared with normal cups, this blender lid is equipped with safety locks(no threads), so it’s easy to tighten and easy to clean. Turn counterclockwise or turn clockwise, just 0.5 inch, you can open or close the lid. The blender will not work until the safety locks are in right place.

    3. EASY TO CLEAN - Special flat blade is easy to clean. Fill the cup with clean water, press down switch to start it up, 40 seconds later, the inside of the blender is cleaned. Geepas portable blender is completely waterproof, but it's not recommended to put in dishwasher.

    4. RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Comes with highly long-lasting battery, it can prepare drinks up to 10 times in a single charge.

    5. POWERFUL BLENDING -The portable blender has 3 dimension stainless steel blades and high rotation speed with powerful 50W copper motor. They combine together and make the blender much powerful than others. The taste of the juice, smoothies or shakes will be much better.