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Dtech VGA Flat Cable 10M DT-69F10 (4806439698532)

    Dtech VGA Flat Cable 10M DT-69F10

    • 10m VGA to VGA cable (male to male) connects PC or laptop to monitor, projector, switch box, and other any video display system with 15-pin VGA port
    • Thin VGA cable for computer is with Ultra Slim and Flat Design to improving the look of your home or office
    • With just 0.08 inch thin, flexible VGA monitor cable makes it easy to fit between spaces which are perfect camouflage underneath carpets, walls, or even behind furniture
    • SVGA cord supports HD resolutions up to 1920x1080; Cable ends screw in to ensure a strong connection, and comes with cable ties
    • 32ft VGA long extension wire enables you to situate your devices 30ft away from the source in the most convenient location

    If you are looking for a solution to extend VGA over a longer distance, or if your graphics card only has a VGA connection, then this Flat VGA cable would be a good idea to upgrade your video card to something better.

    10-meter Long Operating Distance
    When you need a long computer monitor cable (male to male) to connect your devices in different rooms, this VGA computer cord features a 32ft length will extend your operating distance which makes movement convenient, then your devices can be placed in the most convenient location as you want.

    Ultra Flexible Flat Line, Slim and Lightweight
    Used in place of bulky, stiff round VGA male to male monitor cables for easy cable management, to add more bulk to work space and make your workspace and room look more neatness.

    It would be ideal for running the cord under the carpet. It's also good for running it along the baseboard or wall, and then painting it so it's barely noticeable that it's even there.

    High-Quality Engineering
    The DTECH VGA flat cable provides superior performance compared favorably with round vga monitor cables, because its built with quality gold-plated connectors and 100% bare copper conductors. And EMI/ RFI are greatly reduced with foil and copper braid shielding, No ghosting and no degradation.

    Ultra Flat 15-pin VGA male to VGA male cable
    Color: Black
    Inner conductor: 3 x coax (RGB) + 6 sync lines
    Gold-plated connectors; 100% bare copper conductors
    Al-foil shielding protect against EMI/RFI interference
    Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD 1080p)
    Length: 32 Feet (10 Meters)

    Original Packing Included
    1 x DTECH VGA Port Cable 32 Feet (10 Meters)

    Technical Details: