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Dtech USB 3.0 to HDMI DT-UB092 (4845478674532)

    Dtech USB 3.0 to HDMI DT-UB092


    Product features

    • This product is suitable for Windows7/windows8/XP operating system only.
    • This product supports resolution 1920*1080 under original USB3.0 interface, it only supports resolution 800*600 under USB2.0 or non-original USB3.0 interface.


    Documents edit

    • While making project files, search relevant network reference data at the same time, data confusion won’t caused by the switching window, improve work efficiency.

    Power point

    • Laptop can be connected with the projector through the USB external display card synchronous frame mode, and to play.
    • Need the second, third or more display devices to play manuscripts at the same time, but without extra display interface.


    • Across two or more screens to examine a large table (e.g. EXCEL chart)
    • On extending desktop space, open multiple applications at the same time, does not need frequently switch using Windows, make work more efficiently.
    • Reading email and open the attachment file at the other screen at the same time.

    Graphics editing

    • When using graphics drawing software to design, at the same time open the reference document Windows, can also extend the desktop, convenient to handle large design draft making, and overlap with the proofreading window.
    • Make pictures, extend out another screen to display, in this way will have much more space 

    Film and Entertainment

    • Watch network TV, browse programs introduction of other channels at the same time, don’t miss wonderful show any more.
    • When playing online games, can synchronously compare with technology of game strategies.

    Finance & stock

    • Operating stock market, browse related investment news and analysis at the same time, let you don't have to switch Windows back and forth, timely grasp the market dynamics, grasp the opportunity. 

    Program design

    • Write a complex program software, another window review program execution result images at the same time, convenient to change and amend.


    • Brand Name: Dtech
    • Model Number: DT-UB092
    • Key Feature1: 1920x1080
    • Key Feature2: USB 3.0
    • Key Feature3: HD converter
    • Product name: USB 3.0 to HDMI HD converter
    • Packing: Dtech Box
    • MOQ: 1 Pc