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Dtech HDMI Matrix Switch DT-7444 (4805457248356)

    Dtech HDMI Matrix Switch DT-7444


    The HDMI matrix switcher  support 3D in perfect, 4k * 2k high-definition video, can achieve multiple HDMI HD equipment of image signal transmission in any one or more monitors, and can be arbitrary cross output, each output can bearbitrarily switched  into a way of input; It can be arbitrarily cross switched multiplex HD video to multiple monitors,Meanwhile , it is no longer need to disconnect or reconnect, bring you convenience. This product is mainly used with such HD equipment as computer, blu-ray player and  HD set-top box etc. Any source can be chosen at any time through the infrared remote control.



    1. Support multiple HDMI signals cross switch to multiple display devices
    2. Perfect support 3D, 4 k*2 k ultra clear signal
    4. Support 340 MHZ / 3.4 Gbps single channel bandwidth
    5. Support 24/30/36/48 dark
    6. Support blu-ray DVD24/50/60fs/HD-DVD/xvYCC
    7. DTS audio format - DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/DOLBY-AC3/DSD/HD(HBR)
    8. There are many kinds of control mode, supporting the remote control, buttons, or serial port communication, mobile phone APP, the support of different types of HDMI matrix control in a different way
    9. Use AWG24 standard HDMI cables, transmission distance up to 30 meters, input and output every 15 meters


    HD home application, HD retail display, large projector demonstration system, Bank & financial and security system, HD multi media advertising, HD signal distribution, large and medium audio&video conference system, big screen LED curtain wall display project, multi media teaching application, video surveillance & control system

    Package And Accessories:

    1.HDMI Matrix Switch 1PC
    2.DC 5V power supply 1PC
    3.Remote control 1PC
    4.Manual 1PC