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DLink Outdoor Mid-Distance Wireless Bridge DAP-F3705-N

    DLink Outdoor Mid-Distance Wireless Bridge DAP-F3705-N

    • 802.11n with 2x2 MIMO (OFDM)
    • Smart Wireless Technology
    • Time-Division Multiple-Access+ (TDMA+) 
    • Atheros Chipset
    • Self-Healing Mechanism for avoiding Co-channel interference
    • High-Gain Directional Antenna
    • 8kV ESD & 4kV Surge Protection
    • Multiple Operating Modes

      Smart Wireless Technology

      Variable Bandwidth Selection and Intelligent Rate Control improve the stability of the DAP-F3705-N, while allowing it to adapt to different environments, with Auto ACK Time-Out Adjustment improving long-distance transmission performance.

      Auto-Channel Selection Technology

      The DAP-F3705-N automatically scans all working channels during startup and selects the channel with minimum noise and interference, which improves long-distance transmission. Users can also specify a channel-hopping for a particular working area, which eliminates collisions with channels occupied by VIP users.

      TDMA+ Polling

      The DAP-F3705-N features the TDMA+ Polling wireless protocol for outdoor video/data transmission, which provides noise-immune, high-performance, carrier-class links. It also eliminates the conventional 802.11 CSMA/CA hidden-node problem by polling every client and intelligently allocating time slots to each client. Voice and Video sessions are also scheduled with the highest priority, so that the lowest latency can be achieved.

      Target Scenarios

      The DAP-F3705-N is suited for Video Surveillance in Transportation, Smart City, Oil & Gas Pipeline, Forestry, and Residential scenarios, and Video/Data transmission for Railways, Electric Power, and other long-distance industries, as well as wireless backhaul.