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Desk Label K260 - Acrylic Curved Shape Card Stand (4831141920868)

    Desk Label K260 - Acrylic Curved Shape Card Stand


    Kejea K-260 Horizontal Transparent Base Curved 75X53mm

    Desktop brochure holders, also known as desktop leaflets  , are among the products that have versatile usage areas. Kejea Desktop Brochure , which is produced as a single piece and provides an elegant display of the image placed inside    is made of plexi (acrylic) material. It has a horizontal structure. It has an outwardly curved surface. It measures 7.5 X 5.3 cm . It can be used for promotion and information to customers in cafes and restaurants, as well as for visuals that you want to stand on the table in workplaces.

    • A great way to showcase pictures and advertisements
    • Easy insertion of display material
    • High Quality Acrylic
    • Slanted, Curved L-Shape
    • Strong, Stable Base
    • Horizontal OR Vertical
    • Variety of Size

    Table Top Sign Holder

    Slanted Design

    These sign holders are angled and crystal clear to allow for easy viewing of brand information, announcements and photos. If you have a message you want to get out there for people to see or grab your customers attention, these sign holders are the ideal choice. They are very practical and versatile, you can change the graphic whenever needed. Durable, long lasting, and affordable, the perfect choice to keep your graphics protected from everyday wear and tear. Increase your sales by efficiently merchandising your product with a sign to complement your branding.

    Picture Frame

    Great for displaying photos and pictures in your home or office. Keep a family photo on your desk at work. Showcase your child's artwork in the living room. Elegant to match all types of home decor, these frames will work perfect for all your needs.

    Easy Graphic Insertion

    The side load design makes it easy to slide paper, pictures, or graphics in and out, so you don’t have to worry about bending or distorting the graphic. Also the innovative design holds your sign or photo without it moving or slipping at all.

    Clear, Heavy-Duty Acrylic

    Made with thick quality acrylic, not the flimsy kind that are sold elsewhere. Every Kejea sign holder is crafted with a premium quality acrylic that offers a crystal-clear, see-through surface that won’t distort images or impact color choices.

    Place Them Anywhere

    Can be used in travel agencies, doctor offices, airports, hotels, government and business offices, your home, universities, convention centers, trade shows, stadiums, retail shops, convenience stores and so much more. You can use them almost anywhere to present your message, plan of action, or goal.