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Canon Copier IR2745i MFP

    Canon Copier IR2745i MFP

    • Machine Type
      A3 Monochrome Laser Multifunctional
    • Core Functions
      Print, Copy, Scan, Send and Optional Fax
    • Processor Speed
      1GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Control Panel
      Standard: 7- inch TFT LCD WVGA Colour Touch panel
    • Memory
      Standard: 2.0GB RAM
    • Storage
      Standard: 64GB eMMC (available space 30GB)
    • Interface Connection
      NETWORK Standard:
      1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10-Base-T, Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n), Wi-Fi Direct Connection

      OTHERS Standard: USB 2.0 (Host) x2, USB 2.0 (Device) x1
    • Paper Supply Capacity (A4, 80 gsm)
      Standard: 1,200 sheets
      Maximum: 2,300 sheets (with Cassette Feeding Unit-AW1)
    • Paper Output Capacity (A4, 80 gsm)
      Standard: 250 sheets
      Maximum: 645 sheets (with Inner Finisher-L1 and Copy Tray-T2)
    • Finishing Capabilities
      Collate, Group, Offset, Staple, Hole Punch, Eco Staple, Staple On Demand1
    • Supported Media Types
      Main Body Cassette (Upper/Lower):
      Thin, Plain, Recycled, Colour, Heavy, Bond, Pre-Punched, Letterhead, Postcard

      Multi-purpose Tray:
      Thin, Plain, Recycled, Colour, Heavy2, Bond, Pre-Punched, Letterhead, Postcard, Labels, Coated, Tracing
    • Supported Media Sizes
      Upper Cassette:
      Standard size: A4, A5, A5R, A6R, B5
      Custom Size: 105.0 x 148.0 mm to 297.0 x 215.9 mm

      Lower Cassette:
      Standard size: A3, A4, A4R, A5, A5R, A6R, B4, B5, B5R, COM 10 No. 10*, Monarch*, DL*
      Custom Size: 105 x 148 mm to 304.8 x 457.2 mm

      *Requires Envelope Attachment A (std)
    • Supported Media Weights
      Main Body Cassette (Upper/Lower): 52 to 256 gsm

      Multi-purpose tray: 523to 300 gsm

      Duplex: 52 to 220 gsm
    • Warm-up Time
      4 Seconds or Less4
      From Sleep Mode: 10 seconds or less
      From Power On: 10 Seconds or Less5
    • Dimensions (W x D x H)
      565 x 687 x 891 mm
    • Installation Space (W x D)
      1,286 x 1,116 mm (with Inner Finisher tray max extended + Copy Tray-T2 max extended + paper cassette opened)
    • Weight
      Approx. 65 kg

    Print Specifications

    • Print Speed
      Simplex: Up to 45 ppm (A4, A5, A5R, A6R), Up to 22 ppm (A3), Up to 32 ppm (A4R)
    • Print Resolution (dpi)
      Up to 1200 x 1200
    • Page Description Languages
      Standard: UFRII, PCL6,
      Optional: Adobe® PostScript®3TM
    • Double-Sided Printing
    • Direct Print
    • Mobile / Cloud Printing
      AirPrint, Mopria, Canon PRINT Business, uniFLOW Online and Universal Print by Microsoft

      A range of software solutions is available to provide printing from mobile devices and cloud-based services depending on your requirements.
      Please contact your sales representative for further information.
    • Fonts
      PS fonts: 136 Roman
      PCL fonts: 93 Roman, 10 Bitmap fonts, 2 OCR fonts, Andalé Mono WT J/K/S/T6 (Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese) , Barcode fonts7
    • Print Features
      Secure Print, Secure Watermark, Header/Footer, Page Layout, Duplex Printing, Mixed Paper Sizes/ Orientations, Toner Reduction, Poster Printing, Forced hold printing, Print Date, Scheduled Printing, Printing Using a Virtual Printer
    • Operating Systems
      UFRII: Windows® 8.1/10/11/Server2012/Server2012 R2/Server2016/Server2019/Server2022, Mac OS X (10.11 or later)
      PCL: Windows® 8.1/10/11/Server2012/Server2012 R2/Server2016/Server2019/Server2022
      PS: Windows® 8.1/10/11/Server2012/Server2012 R2/Server2016/Server2019/Server2022, Mac OS X (10.11 or later)
      PPD: Windows® 8.1/10/11, Mac OS X (10.11 or later)

    Copy Specifications

    • Copy Speed
      Simplex: Up to 45 ppm (A4, A5, A5R, A6R), Up to 22 ppm (A3), Up to 32 ppm (A4R)
      Duplex: TBD
    • First-Copy-Out Time
      5.3 seconds
    • Copy Resolution (dpi)
      600 x 600
    • Multiple Copies
      up to 999 copies
    • Copy Density
      Automatic or Manual (9 Levels)
    • Magnification
      25% - 400% (1% Increments)
    • Preset Reductions
      25%, 50%, 70%, 100% (1:1), 141%, 200%, 400%
    • Preset Enlargements
      25%, 50%, 70%, 100% (1:1), 141%, 200%, 400%
    • Basic Copy Features
      Preset R/E Ratios by Area, Two-Sided, Density Adjustment, Original Type Selection, Interrupt Mode, Book to Two Pages, Two-sided Original, Sort, Job Build, N on 1, Different Size Originals, Sharpness, Erase Frame, Copy ID Card, Skip Blank Pages, Free Size Original, Color Mode, Reserved copy, Copy Sample

    Scan Specifications

    • Type
      Color Scanner
    • Pull Scan Specifications
      Colour Network ScanGear2. For both TWAIN and WIA
      Supported OS: Windows® 8.1/10/11/Server2012/Server2012 R2/Server 2016/Server 2019/Server 2022
    • Scan Resolution (dpi)
      Scan for Copy: 600 x 600
      Scan for Send: (Push) 600 x 600 (SMB/FTP/WebDAV/IFAX), (Pull) 600 x 600
      Scan for Fax: 600 x 600
    • Document Feeder Paper Capacity (80 gsm)
      up to 100 sheets
    • Acceptable Originals/Weights
      Platen: Sheet, Book, 3-Dimensional Objects
      Document Feeder sheet media weights :
      1-sided scanning: 38 to 128 gsm (BW), 64 to 128 gsm (CL)
      2-sided scanning: 52 to 128 gsm (BW), 64 to 128 gsm (CL)
    • Supported Media Sizes
      Platen: max. scanning size: 297.0 x 431.8 mm
      DADF: A3, A4, A4R, A5, A5R, B4, B5, B5R, B6,
      Custom size: 139.7 x 128.0 mm to 297.0 x 431.8 mm
    • Scan Method
      Push Scan, Pull Scan, Scan to Network, Scan to USB Memory Key, Scan to Mobile device, Scan to cloud-based services (uniFLOW Online/Online Express)
    • Scan Speed
      1-sided Scanning: 70/70 (300 x 300 dpi, send), 51 /51 (600 x 600 dpi, copy)
      2-sided Scanning: 35/35 (300 x 300 dpi, send), 25.5 /25.5 (600 x 600 dpi, copy)
    • Double-Sided Scanning

    Send Specifications

    • Optional / Standard
    • Destination
      Standard: E-mail/Internet FAX (SMTP), SMB3.0, FTP, WebDAV,
      Optional: Super G3 FAX
    • Address Book / Speed Dials
      LDAP (2,000)/ Local (1,600) /Speed dial (200)
    • Send Resolution (dpi)
      Push: up to 600 x 600
      Pull: up to 600 x 600
    • Communication Protocol
      FTP (TCP/IP), SMB3.0 (TCP/IP), WebDAV
      Email/iFax: SMTP(send), POP3(receive)
    • File Format
      Standard: TIFF (MMR), JPEG 8, PDF (Compact, Searchable, PDF/A-1b, Encrypted), XPS (Compact, Searchable), PDF/XPS (Device Signature, Office Open XML (PowerPoint, Word)
      Optional: PDF (Trace & Smooth), PDF/XPS (User Signature)
    • Universal Send Features
      Original Type Selection, Two-sided Original, Book to Two Pages, Different-size Originals, Density Adjustment, Sharpness, Erase Frame, Job Build, Delayed Send, Preview, Job Done Notice, File Name, Subject/Message, Reply-to, E-mail Priority, TX Report, Original Content Orientation

    Fax Specifications

    • Optional / Standard
    • Maximum Number of Connection Lines
    • Modem Speed
      Super G3: 33.6 kbps
      G3: 14.4 kbps
    • Compression Method
      MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
    • Resolution (dpi)
      200x100dpi (Standard), 200x200dpi (Fine), 200x400 dpi (Super Fine), 400x400 dpi (Ultra Fine)
    • Sending/Receiving Size
      Sending: A3, A4, A4R, A5*1, A5R*1, B4, B5*2, B5R*1
      Receiving: A3, A4, A4R, A5R, B4, B5, B5R

      *1 Sent as A4.
      *2 Sent as B4 short.
    • FAX Memory
      Up to 30,000 pages (2,000 jobs)
    • Speed Dials
      Max. 200
    • Group Dials/Destinations
      Max. 199 dials
    • Sequential Broadcast
      Max. 256 addresses
    • Memory Backup
    • Fax Features
      Sender's Name (TTI), Selecting the Telephone Line (when sending fax), Direct Send, Delayed Send, Preview, Finished Stamp, Job Done Notice, TX Report, Interrupt Transmission, Sequential Broadcasting, Password/Sub-address Sending, Confidential Mailbox

    Store Specifications

    • Memory Media
      Standard: USB Memory

    Security Specifications

    • Authentication & Access Control
      User Authentication (Picture Login, Picture and PIN Login, Username and Password Login, Function Level Login, Mobile Login), Department ID Authentication (Department ID and PIN Login, Function Level Login), uniFLOW Online Express(PIN Login, Picture Login, Picture and PIN Login, Card Login, Card and PIN Login, Username and Password Login, Department ID and PIN Login, Function Level Login), Access Management System (Access Control)
    • Network Security
      TLS 1.3, IPSec, IEEE802.1X authentication, SNMPv3, Firewall, Functionality (IP/MAC Address Filtering), Dual Network Support (Wired LAN/Wireless LAN, Wired LAN/Wired LAN), Enabling/Disabling (Network Applications, Remote UI, USB Interface), G3 FAX separation from LAN, USB Port separation from LAN, Scan and Send -Virus Concerns for E-mail Reception
    • Document Security
      Print Security (Secure Print, Encrypted SecurePrint, Forced Hold Printing, uniFLOW Secure Print*1), Receive Data Security (Confidential Fax Inbox Forwarding Received Documents Automatically), Scan Security (Encrypted PDF, Device Signature PDF/XPS, User Signature PDF/XPS*2), Send Data Security (Setting for requesting password input per transmission, Restricted E-mail/File send functions, Confirming FAX number, Allow/Restrict Fax Driver Transmissions, Allow/Restrict Sending from History, S/MIME Support)

      *1 Requires optional uniFLOW Online / uniFLOW
      *2 Requires optional Universal Send Digital User Signature Kit-C1
    • Device Security
      Standard Storage Initialize, Job Log Conceal Function, Protecting MFP Software Integrity, Verify System at Start-up, Runtime Intrusion Detection
    • Device Management & Auditing
      Administrator Password, Digital Certificate and Key Management, Audit Log, Cooperating with External Security Audit System (Security Information and Event Management), Security Policy Setting