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Bruhm Washing Machine BWF-090H 9KG

    Bruhm Washing Machine BWF-090H 9KG


    Guided slot
    Three slots - for liquid detergent, washing powder, softener, easy to dissolve without any residue.

    Special body pattern
    Greatly improves the load bearing capacity of the product due to special design, reduces washing noise whereas enhancing the aesthetics.

    Unique hydrodynamic texture
    Heart-shaped hydrodynamic texture, increase friction between cloths for better cleaning and drying.

    Large diameter glass door
    Better access for bigger load of clothes in one go and enhances the look .

    Drainage design
    The upper drainage design allows for fast drainage with silent operation.

    Paddle type lifting ribs
    Paddle type rib design increases the friction and turns the laundry to remove dirt by imitating hand wash action.

    Quick –express Wash
    Based on type of garments -14 minute / 28 minutes cycle for quick wash - faster and convenient to address modern lifestyle.

    Handles the clothes according to the shirts program so that the shirt comes out with less wrinkles and Easy to iron

    Down wear
    Protects both color and shape, maintain the luster of clothes. Heavy clothes wash out fluffy.

    Gently rub, simulates hand washing, automatically adjust the temperature, and adjusts the wash speed.

    Drum clean
    Keep internal and external drum clean to prevent mildew and cross infection.

    In-depth study of more than 20 kinds of stubborn stains (oil stains, fruit juice, coffee, etc.), designated washing programs, one-click operation.

    Washable sportswear ,adjusts the wash time and speed to keep the original shape and color.

    Pre set program to wash different fabric types in a single wash cycle – convenient and effortless time-saving wash.

    Energy saving
    Saves water and electricity, reduce energy consumption.

    Large-capacity inner tub for Bed sheets or comforter.

    Powerful BLDC motors support strong wash cycles and dirty clothes are effectively cleaned by adjusting the Speed and time.

    One-click operation to schedule pre wash for more soiled clothes

    Capacity(KG) 9
    Drainage  With Pump
    Appearance Color Titanium Dark Silver
    Rotate Speed – RPM 1200
    Motor BLDC Inverter
    Display LED 
    Product Dimension(w*d*h)mm 600*565*840
    Packing(w*d*h)mm 650*600*870(Heat Shrink Packing)
    Net Weight/Gross Weight kg 72/73