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Bruhm Air Conditioner 2HP C Series (4857735872612)

    Bruhm Air Conditioner 2HP C Series


    BRUHM 2HP Split Air Conditioner BSA-18CR has a durable design, it is very efficient and reliable. It also comes with an elegant and compact design. The amazing split unit AC has a quiet operation and it gets the room cool and fresh almost immediately you switch it on. It delivers top performance at all times due to its high-efficiency internal thread copper pipe.

    The Split Unit Air Conditioner cools only and dehumidifies. It also comes with an intelligent control and digital display. It is very easy to maintain this air conditioner, it has a panel and filter which you can remove for easy cleaning. To ensure you get value for your money, operate it with a 2.5KVA generator.

    BRUHM is a superior brand in the Electronics and Home Appliances market in Nigeria. The BRUHM range has sales support & service centers and 2-year warranty too. Their philosophy is to ensure that all BRUHM products are reliable, innovative and affordable too.

    Features BRUHM 2HP Split Air Conditioner C Series:

    • Capacity: 2HP
    • Auto restart function
    • Copper Condenser
    • Sleep mode – 7 hours
    • Follow Me
    • High Range Voltage Monitor: can accommodate normal to high voltage
    • Galvanized Outdoor Unit: Ensures less risk to rust of unit
    • Low noise and windy airflow
    • Multi fold Evaporator
    • Fast Cooling Compressor
    • LED Hidden Display
    • Self-clean
    • Turbo mode
    • Vitamin C filter
    • 3m Copper Installation Kit – freebie