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Braun Meat Mincer G1300 (4790582870116)

    Braun Meat Mincer G1300

      • Meat, fish, vegetables or bread, finely chopped evenly and completely? The extremely powerful 1300watt Braun PowerPlus provides results in the shortest possible time, as you'd expect from a meat grinder.

      • Large metal feed tray 

      • The large feeding tray allows for easy and convenient processing of larger quantities. The aluminum case offers high stability and can accommodate the power cord.

      • Stainless Knife

      • Superior cutting performance with specially shaped stainless-steel blade and spiral. All bets made ​​of hygienic stainless steel.

      • For processing of meat, fish and vegetables

      • Except meat can also fish, vegetables, onion, soaked bread, boiled potatoes, pitted prune plums for processing.

      • Easy to use and to clean

      • Wipe the engine part with a damp cloth and dry. All other parts can be washed with common detergents in hot water.

      • Cord winder

      • For storing the power cord is the cord storage in the bottom of the device.

      • 3 perforated discs

      • With three-hole washers 3 mm diameter hole, 4.5 mm and 8.2 mm.

      • Engine power

      • The Powerplus Brown G 1300 has an engine capacity of 1300 watts.