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Kaspersky Standard Antivirus 3 User

    Kaspersky Standard Antivirus 3 User

    • Advanced security with anti-phishing and firewall included
    • Clean-up and app management tools mean your devices run more smoothly
    • Online Payment Protection for added peace of mind when shopping online

    What’s included in Kaspersky Standard?

    Private and Uninterrupted Browsing
    Tools to prevent unauthorized online tracking, unauthorized ads appearing, or anyone using your peripherals.

    Online Banking Protection
    Advanced technologies to safeguard your online transactions & banking apps.

    Hard Disk Cleaner
    Allows you to free up space on your devices and improve system performance.

    Performance Optimisation
    Quick measures to boost the speed of your devices and make them run as fast as they were designed to.

    Uninterrupted Entertainment
    Allows you to watch movies, play games, or use full-screen apps without any interference – all at the maximum speed.

    Multilayered protection designed to prevent and neutralize viruses and malware.

    Tools to prevent unauthorized access to – or hijacking of – your computer, including anti-phishing and firewall tools.

    Existing Threat Removal
    Technologies to detect vulnerabilities, remove viruses, and repair your PC if it has already been infected.