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UTP Head CAT6 100 pcs Metal - Modular Network Plug Connector RJ45 (4799490261092)

    UTP Head CAT6 100 pcs Metal - Modular Network Plug Connector RJ45

    • Brand: RW
    • Barcode:
    • Metal plated connector, great conduction performance, ensures the optimal signal transmission effect.
    • Uses the high-grade transparent crystal head shell, environment friendly, beautiful and abrasion resistant, can extremely prolong the using life.
    • 50μ" gold plated terminal, which is oxidation resisting, ageing-resistant, ultra-low impedance, and has better ability of conduction.
    • 2-Piece design makes installation more easier. Plug shrapnel is solid and tough, will not break easily.
    • Nickel-plated shield structure provide perfect protection from interference.
    • Port: RJ45 

      Test: 100%Fluke Test Approved 

      Bendable Quality 180 Degree Foldable 

      Support T568A and T568B Connection 

      Unbreakable Up To 30 more Folding Times 

      Achieved TIA/TIA And ISO Standard 

    1. CAT6 2-Piece RJ45 Shielded Lan Network Plug Connector.
    2. Pass the strict test standard: Permanent link and channel mode test.
    3. Compatible to Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 RJ45 sockets.
    4. In line with international standards, 100% Fluke test approved.
    5. TIA/EIA and ISO certification approved.
    6. Compatible to both T568A and T568B wiring schemes.
    7. Apply to Switch,Wireless Device,Modem,Hub,ADSL,PC,TV,Digital Device.