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Rock Type C U-shaped Metal Lightning Charge & Sync Cable 1M (4800860127332)

    Rock Type C U-shaped Metal Lightning Charge & Sync Cable 1M

    • Brand: Rock
    • Barcode:

    “U” tip specially designed for better fit provides greater comfort

    Handle for fixing the cable with suction cup

    The U-Shaped Metal cable allows charging and synchronizing compatible devices. At one end, the accessory has a Type C connector for mobiles and, at the other end, it is equipped with a USB connector. This design allows you to use the cable with a wide range of mobile devices.


    Made with high quality materials the cable has a wear resistant nylon sheath and the connectors are made of an aluminum alloy. They have antioxidant properties that prevent oxidation of the connectors. The cable is able to withstand daily use without loss of integrity and quality of work.

    Excellent functionality

    Support for two types of interfaces makes the cable widely compatible with many devices. The accessory will provide high speed data transfer and reliable charging. It is convenient to use at night due to the bright lighting of the connector.

    • The 180-degree U-shaped design makes using a smartphone more convenient to play. Unlike other models.
    • The connector is designed to be easy to use. 
    • It helps the charging cable to last longer.
    • Silicone tie helps to store and secure the charging cable. 
    • Unobtrusive but can be attached to cases or phones that have a shiny surface better
    • The space at the U-shaped joint is 7mm apart to support cases of different thicknesses.
    • 2.0A fast charging can be used and connected.
    • Nylon braided cable is resistant to pulling, bending, and long use.
    • The copper core that High quality, fast and safe.

    * Nylon braid
    * Aluminum connectors
    * DC current 5V / 2.1A
    * Length: 1 meters
    * Brand: Rock
    * Connector: Type C