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Panasonic Rice Cooker 18GS (4821536276580)

    Panasonic Rice Cooker 18GS


    Cooking rice has never been easier with the Panasonic SR W18GS Automatic rice Cooker. All you need do is to soak the rice for 30 minutes prior to cooking for maximum fluffiness- this is especially effective for short grain rice. The set includes a non-stick pan that makes it easy for clean up and also prevents the rice from sticking. Also a one step automatic cooking, which only requires the press of a button for your rice to be cooked to perfection. Other accessories include a see-through glass lid, a rice scoop and a measuring cup.


    • Brand: Panasonic
    • Model: SR-W18GS
    • 1.8L capacity
    • Auto Cooking
    • 5hrs Keep Warm Function
    • Aluminum Inner Pan
    • Measuring Cup Included
    • Thermostat for precision control
    • Thermal Fuse to protect unit from burnout
    • Anchor Coated Non-Stick Cooking Pan
    • Clear Steaming Basket
    • Lid Holder
    • Scoop Holder
    • Convenient Bridge Handle
    • 600W, 1.8L
    • 900g raw rice cap
    • Stainless steel lid
    • Panasonic Original clear steaming basket