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Promate ThunderBeam-15 (4847193194596)
Promate ThunderBeam-15 (4847193194596)
Promate ThunderBeam-15 (4847193194596)

    Promate ThunderBeam-15


    Promate ThunderBeam-15 is a premium gadget that will come to the rescue in a difficult situation. Powerful booster with 900A starting current + 15000 mAh power bank + bright LED flashlight and all this in a housing made of a single piece of aluminum.

    PROMATE 900A/12V Battery Jump Starter Power Bank, 15000mAh. Made of Aluminum alloy Shell with Super-Bright LED Flashlight. Over Discharge/Short Circuit Protection. Smart Clamps.

    This powerful jump starter with an in-built 15000mAh power bank is what you need for your car. With a peak current of 900A/12V, ThunderBeam-15 is powerful enough to jump start your cars and motorcycles. The jump starter boasts intelligent clamps which protect from current overflow and short circuit. ThunderBeam-15 is highly portable and can be used in any situation as it features a powerful LED flashlight with battery status indicators.


    Backup start when the battery is dead

    • Starts a gasoline engine up to 6 liters and a diesel engine up to 4 liters. 2 modes of starting current: normal 450A and peak 900A.

    Li-Pol battery 15000 mAh

    • Enough to "light" the car 15-25 times, charge the smartphone 5 times or 3 times the tablet. The power bank charges in 5 hours via the micro USB cable that comes with the kit.

    LED flashlight

    • When you need to check for breakage in low light. It shines very brightly (luminous flux 73 lumens) thanks to the large 38 mm diameter reflector located at the end of the case. Works in 3 modes - standard (5 brightness levels), SOS and strobe.

    Multilevel protection system

    • Protects the gadget itself and the devices connected to it from voltage surges, short circuits, critically low battery levels, overheating and reverse polarity.

    LED indication

    • 4 blue diodes on the power bank show the remaining charge, a diode on the block with cables informs about the readiness for "lighting".

    Quality materials

    • High density battery (450 recharge cycles). Monolithic metal body and "crocodiles" made of fireproof ABS plastic with copper contacts.

    Convenient case

    • For storage and transportation of all components of the kit.


    • Starting current: 450A
    • Peak inrush current: 900A
    • Capacity: 15000 mAh
    • Battery type: Li-Pol (Lithium Polymer)
    • Input 1: MicroUSB 5V / 2A
    • Output 1: USB Type-A 5V / 2A
    • Output 2: USB Type-A 5V / 2A
    • 10W total output power
    • Body Material: Aluminum
    • Dimensions WxHxD: 58 x 58 x 210 mm
    • Weight: 639g


    • UMB Jump Starter
    • Booster with battery clips
    • Universal cable micro-USB / USB Type-C, Lightning (0.2 m)
    • User's manual
    • Case for storage and transportation