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Philips Blender HR 2114 (4625000824932)

    Philips Blender HR 2114

    Fresh smoothie and food made easy with extra strong power and blade
    This Philips Daily Collection Blender offers a 400 W motor, 1.5 l jar and a serrated 5star blade combined to create perfect end results for your smoothie and food preparation. It makes your tough blending made easy!
    • 400 W
    • 1.5 L Plastic Jar
    • with mill and chopper
    • 5 star serrated blade


    • The Philips HR2114 Jug Blender gives the perfect end results while preparing smoothies and ingredients for meals.
    • With a variety of advanced features and ergonomic design, the appliance makes tough blending tasks so much easier than before.
    • Its 400W motor produces optimum torque, making it possible for you to prepare a gourmet meal or a refreshing smoothie at a moment's notice.
    • The appliance comes with a 5 star serrated blade that enables superior blending results in almost no time.
    • The blender also comes with a mini chopper and grinding mill that takes care of soft and hard food ingredients.
    • All the removable parts of this sleek appliance are made dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
    • Multi speed settings allow you to take control over your blending outcome.
    • Available in a white finish, the Philips HR2114 Jug Blender will surely spruce up the decor of your contemporary kitchens.
    • This Philips blender incorporates a 400W motor that generates optimum torque for all your blending and mixing needs.
    • A uniquely designed 5 star serrated blade will cut and blend ingredients effectively, enabling you to make that perfect smoothie.
    • Use the appliance's Pulse mode to control blending time and speed conveniently.
    • The design of this Philips smoothie blender prevents leakage while you are pouring the ingredients.
    • All the removable parts of the blender can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
    • The appliance's 1m long cord can reach far away power sockets with utmost ease


    • Accessories

      Mini chopper: Yes
    • Design specifications

      Color(s): White and beige
      Material blender jar: SAN
      Material housing: PP
      Material blade: Stainless steel
    • General specifications

      Speed setting: 2 and pulse
      Non-slip feet: Yes
      Cord storage: Yes
    • Technical specifications

      Power: 400  W
      Voltage: 220-240 V
      Frequency: 50/60  Hz
      Max Jar Capacity: 1.5 L
      Effective jar capacity: 1.25  L
      Plug: 3-pin plug
      Cord length: 0.85  m