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Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-GA321 (4821552922724)

    Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-GA321


    This SR-GA321 commercial rice cooker by Panasonic makes it easy to cook delicious, fluffy rice to perfection. The extra-large-capacity rice cooker can cook up to 17 cups of uncooked rice in about 30 minutes or less. Make 180 servings of around 3-ounce portions in no time flat. Perfect for restaurants, banquets, supermarkets, catering, and institutional applications. Pot cook is non stick and easy to use and cleaning Fresh. it keeps the rice warm after cooking inside the device to maintain the temperature for 5 hours( 3.2-liter)


    • Capacity : 3.2 L 
    • Up to: 5-17 cup
    • Inner Pan : Aluminium
    • Inner Lid : Transparent Stainless Steel Lid
    • Power Consumption : 1025 W
    • Keep Warm : 5 Hrs
    • Power Cord: Built in
    • Multi Cooking: Soup & Stew, Noodles, Rice Dishes, Steam Dishes
    • Cooking Plate: Ensure Starch Filtration And Prevent Sticking Of Cooked Foods
    • Stainless Steel Lid
    • Conventional (removable lid)