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Panasonic Oven Toaster NTH900

    Panasonic Oven Toaster NTH900


    Wide Temperature Range

    The dial enables fine temperature adjustments from 70°C – 230°C, which allows you to cook different dishes just like an oven.

    Upper and Lower Heaters to Maximize Cooking Results

    The upper & lower heaters provide stable & even heat coverage in the compact oven for cooking quick & easy meals.

    Compact Exterior, Large Interior

    The compact exterior fits narrow spaces easily.
    The 9L capacity is ideal for quick cooking during busy mornings,where you can bake a whole pizza or toast 2 slices of bread at one time.

    Heat Insulation and Protection

    The Double Glazed Glass Door made of thin, durable high heat-insulating glass which reduces temperature fluctuation for stable and ideal cooking results.
    The Heat Resistant Handle is designed with double layers to prevent accidental burns when opening and closing the door.
    • Upper & Lower Heaters
    • 70–230°C Wide Temperature Control
    • 9L Large Capacity
    • 1000W Power Consumption
    • Double Glazed Glass Door
    • 15-minute Timer