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Kenwood Sandwich Maker SM640

    Kenwood Sandwich Maker SM640


    Easy And Safe To Use

    The Kenwood toaster accommodates four halves of two sandwiches at once. This enables you to get more done in a single setting. The nonstick plates ensure that bread does not stick to the base of the machine and thus cleaning becomes effortless. This 700W toaster gives you an effective performance with crisp, golden brown results that will make a sumptious snack.

    Convenient Factors

    The sandwich maker features ergonomically designed handles that will help you carry it around your kitchen conveniently. The Kenwood toaster can also be used as a griddle and when the maker is in griddle mode, it opens flat for easy access and stability. For safety issues, there is a clip on the toaster that ensures it is closed during the cooking procedure.

    • 2 sets of multi-functional removable plates, sandwich, grill/griddle .
    • The plates are non-stick coated for easy cooking and cleaning .
    • Power and ready indicator lights, easy to remove plates and a locking latch, the snack maker is simple and safe to operate.
    • Open flat for extra feature as a griddle, two oil drip trays included